What is the MLS?
The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a database of properties for sale and rent that agents and websites access. This is the primary source of listings for most buyer's agents and since 80% of buyers use an agent, being on the MLS is paramount to finding a buyer quickly.
How much is a flat fee MLS listing on NoMoreAgent.com?
The cost depends on your location, payment plan (Prepaid or Pay as you Go), and any add-ons you select. Our Pay as you Go plan starts at $199 and $79/mo (after the first). Prepaid starts at $445.50.
How long can I list my home for sale?
If you purchase our Prepaid plan, your listing is good for 6 months, then you can renew at a discount. If you purchase our Pay as you Go Plan, you are billed monthly and can cancel at any time prior to being billed.
How does the Pay as you Go Plan work?
Your home is listed on the MLS for a maximum of 6 months. The first month is charged immediately, then each additional month (up to 6 total) is automatically billed at a lower rate. If you sold your home or wish to take your listing down, simply cancel at any time prior to your next billing date. If you need to cancel after your card was charged, contact us, but a refund is not guaranteed (except for the first month, prior to signing the MLS contract). After 6 months, you can renew your listing at a discount.
How does the Prepaid Plan work?
Your home is listed on the MLS for a maximum of 6 months at a much lower rate than the Pay as you Go Plan. Once your MLS contract has been signed, a refund cannot be issued.
Are there any additional fees?
Some states require an additional fee be paid to the listing broker when the home sells. The fees we have seen are between $299 and $500. This is beyond our control and is subject to the individual rules and regulations of the MLS and state law. When you are contacted by our affiliate broker to setup your listing, they may try to upsell you on additional services. You are not obligated to purchase these additional services. The broker has already been paid to list your home on the MLS.

Note: By listing on the MLS, you will be required to define what commission you are willing to pay a buyer's agent. We recommend 2-3%. You may be required to offer a minimum. Each MLS and state has it's own requirements.
Are you able to list on my local MLS?
We cover most of the United States, but there are some exceptions. To check coverage in your area, click here.
Do I still have to pay commission if I find a buyer on my own?
Unless your buyer has an agent and found your listing on the MLS, you are not required to pay a commission.
I don't have pictures ready right now, can I still signup and create my listing?
Yep! You can get started at any time and activate your listing when it's ready.
How long does it take to get my listing on the MLS?
After you activate your listing, an agent will contact you within 2 business days to start the MLS paperwork. Once this is complete, the syndication from the MLS to third party sites like Zillow and Realtor.com will begin.
How do I activate my listing?
Go to "My Properties" and there will be an "Activate" button above the image of the property (immediately below it's address)
After my home is on the MLS, how long does it take to get onto Zillow, Trulia, and other websites?
We cannot control how long this process takes, but on average we've seen it take anywhere between 1 and 4 days. Some MLS' will not send your property to these sites because they view it as competition. If your home does not show up on those websites after a week, you are free to post your property manually (if the website allows - Trulia does not).
I already listed my home on Zillow, will it be overwritten by the MLS?
In most cases a third party website like Zillow will trust data from the MLS above all else. This means it's very possible your listing will be modified once your home is on the MLS.
I need to update my listing on the MLS or websites like Zillow. How can this be done?
If you want to update your MLS listing, you'll need to reach out to the broker that was assigned to you. If a third party site pulled your listing from the MLS, it's likely you can expect it to update shortly after the MLS is updated. If the third party website (like Zillow) did not pull your listing from the MLS, you will need to reach out to them directly.
It's been two days and I still haven't heard from the broker, why?
Start by checking your email spam folder. Make sure you didn't miss an email from them. If you cannot find an email, contact us. Although rare, it is possible that the process got hung up and we need to get involved to move things along.
How many photos can I put on my listing?
On our website, you can upload up to 25. On the MLS, you will only be allowed 4-6 photos unless you purchase our "Max Photos" addon for an additional $99 (we recommend you do since these images are your buyer's first impression of your home)
If I purchase the prepaid plan and sell quickly, can I get a refund/partial refund?
If you think you will sell quickly, we recommend you use our Pay as you Go plan. This plan allows you to cancel at any time and save yourself money. Our prepaid plan is offered at a discount because it is non-refundable once your home is listed on the MLS.
I purchased a listing and then decided not to sell my home, can I get a refund?
If you have not activated your listing and it's been less than 24 hours since you paid, yes! Just send us a message. If your property was already listed on the MLS, we are unable to provide a refund.
I need a yard sign, do you offer one?
Unfortunately, the cost of shipping our high quality signs was too high and we discontinued this offering. Additionally, yard signs are banned in many HOAs and regions. Check with your local laws before purchasing one.
What is the custom domain add on and how does it work?
Domain names are the main part of a website's URL. For instance, ours is nomoreagent.com. When you purchase our custom domain add on, we will reach out to you to find a domain that is both available and to your liking. All our domains end in .us (United States), not .com (generic).
I need a lockbox, do you offer one?
Not anymore, but you can usually find one at your local Home Depot or online.
I want a special domain (www.my-home-4-sale.com), do you offer one?
Yes, you can purchase a custom domain when paying for your listing. We will reach out to you after your purchase to let you know what options are available.
How do I get my listing on the NoMoreAgent homepage?
You can purchase the "Featured Listing" addon when paying for your listing. Once you've activated your listing, your home will show on our homepage for a minimum of 7 days!
Where do I schedule/display an open house?
You need to contact your assigned broker to add an open house date/time to the MLS.
How are my property showings scheduled?
Buyers or their agents will contact you to request a showing. You'll want to leave your key in a lockbox if you're busy at the time. For security purposes, we recommend you do a quick internet search to verify that they are indeed an agent prior to giving them a combination to the lockbox. Keep all valuables locked up and/or hidden from sight.
I found a buyer, how do I mark my home as under contract/pending sale?
You can update your listing on our website by logging in and going to "My Properties", but more importantly, you need to let your broker know to update the MLS. They will ask for a copy of your contract.
I sold my home, how do I remove my listing?
You can remove your listing from our website by logging in and going to "My Properties", but more importantly, you need to contact your broker to tell them to remove the listing. They will ask for proof of sale.
How can I request a refund?
Use the contact us form and send us a message with the reason you'd like to cancel. We will respond as soon as possible and let you know the status of your refund.
How long does a refund take?
We generally issue refunds the same-day they were requested, although it can take up to 1 business day at which point it's up to the banks to do their part which can take 5-10 business days, but is usually much faster.

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