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Helping Children Adjust to a Move

As an adult, a move to a new home is a mundane fact of life. But for kids, it's a big, scary, life- changing event. While you can't eliminate your kids' nerves entirely, there are a few things you can do to help children cope with a move.  [...]

Keywords to use in your listing

Zillow released a report of statistics on keywords to use in your property listing description, and it showed some very interesting results!Sellers made more money if their description included:Steam Shower (29% premium)Professional appliance (2 [...]

Home Improvement Ideas When Selling Your House

Top 10 Home Improvement Ideas 1. Spend an hour with a pro. Many realtors offer a consultation service that includes them visiting your home. If your budget allows, go above and beyond and consult with an interior decorator as well. You don't h [...]

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