At the beginning of 2020, we launched our brand new website (YAY!)

A lot has changed over the years
and we felt it was important to modernize our user experience, streamline the signup/login process, simplify processes, and make our entire platform more robust. Throughout the rebuild, we kept in mind our founding principles of providing a high tech, simple, and drastically more affordable alternative to full-service real estate agents. We think we've hit the mark, but you be the judge!

Let's start with what's been removed:

* Listing syndication to sites like Zillow and Trulia became increasingly difficult and we just weren't able to provide the level of service we demand of ourselves. Many of these sites have changed their policies to ONLY accept listings that come from the MLS. Because of this, we removed our basic plan (which helped sellers get their home on sites across the internet automatically acting as a "hub" for listing management).

* We decided to eliminate our free plan. Demand for this plan was low, the service provided little benefit, and we think it's best to simplify our code and focus more on our paying customers.

* We stopped shipping yard signs and lockboxes. We ran into problems with many communities prohibiting yard signs, and our margin on lockboxes was too low to provide a quality product at an affordable price. We decided to stick with our specialty (software) and eliminate physical products. We can still assist you with which product to buy, and where they are available, but we are no longer selling these as addons.

Now onto the good stuff:

* We added new register/login options like Google and Facebook.

* We redesigned the listing editor to be more user friendly.

* Our new site is blazing fast!

* We vastly improved transaction visibility for past and future payments.

* We made it easier than ever to contact the seller from a property listing page.

* Printing our property listings results in a well formatted flyer-style page.

* We've got several new features planned, including:

     * An offer management tool that allows you to enter offers from potential buyers with their contact details, the offer expiration date, any stipulations they have, notes, and when you make a decision you can automatically send an email to them with your response.

     * A home showing calendar with reminders. Enter the potential buyer's information along with the date and time and we'll remind you in advance!

     * An open house scheduler.

     * A closing checklist with deadlines and reminders.

      * A profit calculator for investors.

Keep an eye on our blog to find out when these exciting features drop, and please contact us if you want to provide feedback (good or bad) on our updates.

Published on 03/02/20
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