A well-polished, move-in ready house appeals to more buyers and will sell for a higher price faster. Buyers also feel more comfortable investing in well-maintained homes because if what they can observe is well-cared for, what they cannot see is probably well-maintained too. Follow these tips to get your home ready to sell!

Maximizing Curb Appeal

Draw in buyers by boosting the exterior appearance of your home.

* Maintain the lawn by keeping it cut, edged and watered regularly.
* Apply a fresh coat of paint to bring a pop of colour to the front door.
* Prune the trees, weed the flowerbeds and trim the hedges regularly.
* Keep your garage door closed and remove clutter, like garbage cans or yard equipment, to create a   tidy appearance.
* Check the walkways, patios, foundation, steps and walls for crumbling and cracks.
* Re-seal an asphalt driveway to make it look new.
* Check for peeling paint around windows and doors.
* In the spring and summer, instantly spruce up outdoor spaces by adding pots of showy annuals.
* Align and clean the gutters.
* During winter, neatly clear the walks of ice and snow.
* Clean and inspect the chimney.
* Repair and replace loose siding and roof shingles.

Boosting Interior Appeal

Maximize the interior appeal of your home by:

* Thoroughly cleaning all rooms of the home and removing all clutter. If your rooms are crowded with furniture or personal items, create a sleeker, more spacious look by renting storage garages.
* Sprucing up the kitchen with new curtains, new cabinet fixtures and a coat of neutral paint.
* Removing items from the attics, kitchen counters and closets. Less clutter makes the area more inviting.
* Repairing dripping shower heads and faucets and buying new towels and mats for the bathroom.
* Repainting soiled or dingy walls with a neutral colour scheme.
* Replacing cracked or broken windowpanes and inspecting and repairing the cooling, plumbing, alarm and heating systems.
* Repairing damages to tiles, plaster, paint, wallboards or wallpaper.
Following these tips will get your home ready to sell in no time!

Image By - jimmyroq
Published on 05/21/13
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