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Keywords to use in your listing

Keywords to use in your listing

Keywords to use in your listing
Zillow released a report of statistics on keywords to use in your property listing description, and it showed some very interesting results!

Sellers made more money if their description included:
  • Steam Shower (29% premium)
  • Professional appliance (29% premium)
  • Pizza oven (26% premium)
  • Solar Panel (massive 40% premium!)
  • Shed/Garage Studio (24% premium)
  • Sub-Zero Fridge (38% premium)
They determined that other keywords didn't necessarily allow sellers to make more money, but actually sell quicker:
  • Exposed Brick (2 weeks faster)
  • Open Shelving (>=10 days faster)
  • Dual Flush (>=10 days faster)
  • Mid-Century (>=10 days faster)
  • Subway Tile (>=10 days faster) 
  • Open Shelving (14 days faster)
  • Shed/Garage Studio (15 days faster)
  • Dual Flush (14 days faster)
Not all homes are made the same, and trying to find a correlation between features and price or selling speed probably isn't very accurate. So don't expect your home to magically sell really quickly and for a fortune just because you crammed all of these into your listing, but you may want to sprinkle any applicable ones in just for good measure.

Good luck and happy selling!
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