The Internet is full of advice about what to do if you want to sell your home online, but sometimes the things you absolutely should not do are more important. As you prepare to sell your home online, follow this guide to avoid making simple, but costly, mistakes.


Did it feel like I was yelling? That is not the vibe you want to send to potential buyers, and writing in all caps is off-putting. Ads in all caps are so pervasive online that they actually do the opposite of what their writers intended instead of attracting attention, they inspire potential buyers to keep scrolling because the ads are so obnoxious to the eye.

Don't Forget to Proofread Multiple Times

Nothing screams unprofessional and careless more than an ad riddled with grammatical and spelling errors. Typos are easy to make, but they are also easy to fix if you carefully read any copy before clicking post. If potential buyers think you were careless with your online listing, think of what they imagine about the quality of your home.

Don't Be Desperate

Adjectives can spice up a listing and highlight the most special features of your home, but don't go over the top with too many. The result reads like fluff and gives potential buyers little information about your home.

Don't Distract with Fancy Formatting

Buyers are interested in learning more about your home, not your Photoshop or Word skills. When you sell your home online, stick with a clean and simple design. Skip the scrollwork and fancy fonts and show off your home instead.

Don't Confuse with Realtor-Speak

While a realtor will know that "wic" stands for walk in closet and "spa" means swimming pool, the average reader of an online ad will scratch their head and say "huh?" when they see these acronyms. Instead of confusing potential buyers with realtor-speak, keep it simple by spelling out your home's best amenities.

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Published on 05/17/13
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