If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth millions. However, if you list your home for sale and advertise it with a shaky, out-of-focus and boring video, it is worth nothing, and it may even do more harm than good. So how do you create a video tour of your home that will draw in buyers and show off its best features?

Make the tripod your best friend.

Unless you have the most steady hand in the world, rent or invest in a tripod. An actual walkthrough of your home sounds like a great idea, but if the video is shaky and unfocused, it will make potential buyers dizzy instead of inspiring them to see the home in person.

Get the same effect of a walkthrough by setting your tripod up outside the front door. Zoom in on the entryway, then move the tripod to the next scene, such as the front hallway. Pan left to right, then zoom in on the entryway to the next room. Set up the tripod there, pan left to right, and repeat the process throughout your home. Use smooth transitions when you edit your raw footage to give the effect of a walkthrough without shakiness.

Pay attention to lighting.

Filming indoors can be a challenge, especially when panning across a window. Don't leave your camcorder on the default auto-aperture or auto-iris setting; this will make rooms with windows look too dark. Instead, use the auto-focus setting in a room with ample light. Point the lens to an area with good lighting, hit the auto-focus button and let the camera automatically set the aperture. Even lighting will eliminate shadows and allow buyers to really see your space when you list your home for sale.

Sell the neighborhood.

Potential buyers are just as interested in your neighborhood as your home. Add a short local highlight reel to your video tour to show off your location. Shoot a few frames at the cool coffee shop around the corner, the charming park down the street and nearby restaurants.

Rethink your script.

It seems obvious that you want to focus on the features of a property, but avoid the urge to point to the living room and say "Here's the living room". Instead, talk about how the room has been remodeled, its potential and its most special features. If the backyard is the perfect place for a barbecue, tell your viewers why. This will help your house sell.

Image By: Images_of_Money

Published on 04/09/13
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