Selling your home FISBO/FSBO is easy with

You can get your home on the MLS for a low one-time fee, and enjoy the same exposure you would get from a conventional agent.

To get started, check coverage.

What will my FISBO flat-fee MLS listing look like?

Since the MLS doesn't allow just anyone to directly list their home, your property will be posted by our partner broker nearest you. This agent will have their name and contact information alongside your property and will forward leads to you. They are required by law, but will be as transparent as possible during the process of selling your home.

What if I need additional help, but don't want to pay a high commission?

We offer many written resources to help you (blog posts and a for sale by owner ebook), and are available to answer non-legal questions. We always recommend that you hire a real estate specific lawyer to assist you with contracts. 

How hard is it to sell my home FISBO?

Not hard as long as your home is well kept, priced competitively, you are timely responding to offers, and you show your home to potential buyers. We have several blog posts to help guide you through the steps

Published on 01/24/19
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