Gaining exposure is the best way to sell your home. Even if you have a perfectly-staged home in a great neighborhood at the right price, no one will buy it if they don't know it's there. More homebuyers search online now than ever before, and marketing to them is the key to selling your home quickly.

If you want to sell real estate online, follow these tips for a successful web-based marketing campaign.

Don't Be a Spammer

You want to build interest in your home, not over promote it. Avoid crowding people's feeds with irrelevant updates or spam-like ads. Instead of grabbing their attention, becoming a spammer does the opposite and turns them off.

Stay Updated

The only thing worse than being a spammer is to not update regularly. Post thoughtful, relevant information not more than three times a week to keep interest alive and encourage people to share your information.


Simple writing that your home is on the market is not enough to sell real estate online. Your social network contacts need more information, so direct them to it. Post links to your online listings to keep them informed.

Make Your Content Valuable

Everything you post online should have a purpose. It may be to announce a drop in the price, show off how great the patio was for last week's barbecue or to show off the landscaping in the summer sun. People are more apt to respond to content that is interesting and valuable, so give them a reason to click share.

Use the Right Words

Certain phrases can attract potential homebuyers, like "affordable" or "beautiful", and others can turn them off just as easily. As you sell real estate online, avoid calling your home a "fixer upper". This term means something different to everyone, and potential buyers may think your home is in worse shape than it is. Also avoid peppering your updates with abbreviations, like WBF. Real estate experts may know that it stands for "wood burning fireplace", but your online connections may not understand the acronym.

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Published on 05/14/13
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