"Curb appeal" used to be central to selling a home. Common sense dictated that houses that looked unattractive from the street simply would not sell. While curb appeal is still important, most homebuyers get their first impression of a property not from the street, but from the Internet. A home's photo appeal is now more important than ever before, and snapping great pics can help you sell your home fast. Create a powerful bait and lure in buyers with these flattering home-photo tips:

Lighten up.

The way a home is lit can drastically change its appearance. For the most flattering photos, take exterior shots in the mid-day, when the sky is blue and the sun is shining. Before you snap interior photos, turn on all the lights and charge up your flash. The flash fills in the shadows, corrects colors and makes the room look brighter.

Show more.

Curb appeal is important, but buyers want to see more than just the facade of a house. They also want to see the kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom, family room and backyard. If you live in a condo or apartment with cool amenities, snap photos of them all, including the tennis court, pool or gym. If a spectacular view is one of the most special features of your home, capture it to show off to potential buyers.

Create a clear shot.

Clutter distracts the eye from seeing the whole picture. Before you photograph an area, remove clutter, including children's toys, fridge magnets, garbage cans and stacks of mail. Relocate appliances in your kitchen to make the counter space look bigger, and try to photograph around wires and telephone poles in exterior shoots.

Ditch your cell-phone camera.

Your cell-phone camera may be perfect for capturing moments on a night out, but it won't cut it for taking pictures if you want to sell your home fast. Instead, use a camera with a wide-angle lens. If you can't get one, a point and shoot digital camera will work just fine. Set it to its highest resolution and use a tripod to capture a steady shot.

Get some perspective.

The most eye-catching and memorable shots are often taken from an unusual perspective. Give potential buyers a sense of space and layout by snapping pics from the vantage point that allows the most expansive view. This may mean standing on a chair and pointing the lens down. Aim to create artistic photos with a creative slant that makes potential buyers want to see more. 

Image By: ehavir
Published on 04/15/13
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