The Tampa Bay Florida housing market is an odd one right now. Rental occupancy is 95% and some people are selling their homes as soon as they are listed, but for some, houses sit on the market until finally they expire or are removed.

"Houses fail to sell for many reasons — uniqueness, outdated styles, bad locations, title issues, limited access for showings and, most of all, price." - The Tampa Bay Times

So if you're one of those in a tight situation with a "unique" home, don't give up. Making a few slight modifications can be enough to increase your potential market and find a buyer.

Consider things like:

  • Painting your home a neutral color (it can be hard sometimes for buyers to imagine the room in the color of their choice. It's best to stick with a non-offensive neutral color than to offend them with bright green, blue, or pink. The room you painted for you youngest daughter, might be the room they want for their teenage son).
  • Replacing outdated light fixtures with modern ones (a dangling wrought iron chandelier might tickle your fancy, but odds are it will do more harm than good when looking for a buyer).
  • Dropping your asking price. Consider comparable homes, then drop to adjust for uniqueness. Sure, there may be 1 person in a million that thinks your home is absolutely perfect the way it is, but do you really want to wait for that person to be ready to move and find your listing? Probably not. Besides, a lower listing price means it will show up in searches with a lower maximum budget, AND if you're priced low enough, you might spark a bidding war and end up getting closer to your original asking price!

If you follow through with a few minor adjustments, it can make all the difference in the world.

As the saying goes, a little effort goes a long way.

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Published on 01/30/16
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