Update 3/18/2019: We no longer offer our "Basic Plan" which allowed you to get a listing on our site which was syndicated across the web. We only offer free (manually advertised) listings, and flat-fee MLS now.
Ever wondered if there was a way to get your For Sale by Owner, a.k.a. FSBO, listing to as many real estate listing sites as possible, all with a single click? Now there's a simple solution -- and it's known as listing syndication.

This user-friendly technology makes it even easier to sell your home by owner. Here's how it works.

What is Listing Syndication?

Listing syndication makes what used to be a time-consuming task -- submitting your property listings to all of the different home-buying and selling websites out there -- is now incredibly simple, thanks to NoMoreAgent. But what, exactly, is listing syndication?

"Syndication" simply means the process of publishing your listing simultaneously on multiple sites, such as HotPads, Yahoo, HGTV Front Door and, of course, the biggies, Zillow.com and Trulia.com. Together, these two sites attract almost one-third of all real-estate related website traffic generated each year.

What are the Advantages of Listing Syndication?

When it comes to the sell your home by owner process, the goal -- along with getting the best price for your home, of course -- is to increase your property listing's exposure. In other words, you want to get your listing in front of as many eyes as possible, and listing syndication makes that possible.

With the touch of a button, your listing will blast out to more than 50 websites, upping your visibility exponentially. When utilized in conjunction with NoMoreAgent's flat fee MLS service -- which lists your property on the Multiple Listing Service -- your home will be visible to millions of potential home buyers, all with very little time and effort invested on your part.

Sound good? When you're ready to embark on the sell your home by owner process and up your home's exposure, simply sign up, and list your home.

Published on 03/18/19
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