The right description can make a big difference in how fast your home sells and how much you get for it. Using the right words and phrasing in your listing can attract buyers and convince them to take a second look, while using the wrong ones can turn buyers off in seconds. Choose your words wisely to capture your audience and create something that will inspire animportant in-person visit.

Be Specific

When you list a house for sale, don't parse your words. Make the property come alive by using specific adjectives to point out brands or features coveted by prospective buyers. Saying your kitchen is "beautifully remodeled" does not paint a picture, but describing the granite countertops and name-brand stainless steel appliances does.

Proofread, Proofread, Proofread!

Poor grammar and spelling are instant turn-offs that can easily be avoided. It sends the message that you are careless and will make potential buyers wonder where else you have cut corners. Before you list a house for sale, proofread it at least three times.

Promote the Lifestyle

Emotion motivates buyers. They aren't just looking for a place to sleep at night and store their stuff they want a home where they will create memories. Hint at the possibilities by highlighting the home and its features. Write about enjoying a glass of wine on the custom patio, entertaining in front of the wood-burning fireplace and hosting family dinners in the spacious dining room.

Highlight Hidden Amenities

A basic listing will tell prospective buyers how many bathrooms and bedrooms are in a home, but that does not provide the whole story. Even photos don't always give all the details. Play up the hidden amenities of your home in the listing by including details like the picturesque views from nearly every room or the backyard privacy. These features are just as valuable as the ones buyers can see, but they won't be aware of them unless you highlight them when you list your house for sale.

Choose the Right Adjectives

Choose words that pack a punch, but don't exaggerate. Grand descriptions build buyers' expectations, but it is a huge turn-off if the reality falls short. Stop yourself from giving every room and feature an adjective, and avoid fluff by saving them for the ones that really deserve it.

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Published on 05/10/13
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