Before you decide to sell your home yourself, read this FAQ to understand more about the selling process.

Why should I sell my home myself?

Going without a real estate agent puts you in control of the process and saves you the commission typically paid to agents on a home sale. On average, the commission is about six percent. This means that if you sell your home for $500,000, you save over $25,000 just by selling it yourself.

How do I price my home?

Pricing your home too high turns off potential buyers, but undervaluing it has obvious dangers. The key to establishing a price for your home is to remain objective and do your research. Check comparable sales in your location, consider upgrades or special features your home has and give yourself wiggle room to negotiate by setting your price about five percent above your market price.

How can I prepare my home for the market?

Prospective buyers are drawn to attractive homes that are well-maintained. To get your home market-ready, repair or replace eyesores like chipped paint, leaky faucets or damaged roofing. Increase curb appeal by planting flowers and trimming the hedges. Even minor improvements, like replacing your cabinet fixtures or painting your rooms a fresh neutral color, can make a big difference for buyers.

Can I really do it all alone?

DIY real estate is certainly possible, but if you decide to sell your home yourself, investing in a real estate lawyer can be invaluable. This pro will protect your interests, help you during the sales transaction, prepare your contracts and evaluate mortgages and offers. They can even act as your escrow agent and guide you through the closing process.

You can do everything else on your own, from marketing, preparing and showing your home, but a real estate lawyer can ensure the process is legal and ultimately benefits you.

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Published on 05/28/13
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